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High-Grade Furniture Made For You

Mayland Eximus Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that specializes in high-quality furniture. We can provide a wide range of products and services throughout Asia.


It is critical to establish an oasis that provides a sense of tranquillity after a long day.

Living Room

Give your living room that WOW factor with our furniture made in Malaysia.


Nursery furniture should assist you in making the most of your baby’s moments.


You’ll sleep better knowing that all our mattresses have been rigorously tested for safety.

Eco Furniture – Ecoverse

Walking the talk towards sustainable and greener furniture as part of our responsibility to preserve a better environment for future generations.

furniture made in Malaysia

Furniture Customization

Would you like your furniture to stand out from the crowd? Mayland Eximus also creates custom furniture made in Malaysia. So you can now have furnishings you won’t find in anyone else’s home.



Guest Reviews

Reliable, consistent, high quality trade supplier.
Mayland Eximus has handled our upholstery trade for over 10 years, and continually supplied the highest level of products, with full QC, product support, and communication.


All of the dining sets smote me. All of the tables are lovely. Each table has its design and outstanding craftsmanship. We acquired a gorgeous oak wood dining table after several trips there. We adore it.


Extremely reliable & great quality products. Highly recommend for anyone looking to buy commercial furniture products from China.


Outstanding customer service. Very interesting. We looked at a lot of furniture and got a lot of exciting information.